Deep Sea Fishing

What could be better than a quick, quiet and stable cruise out to one of our nearby secret reefs and either dropping a baited hook or a string of feathers down to the sea bed? This fishing trip is for those who love variety and enjoy the surprise of what comes up.

Deep sea fishing is fun for all. When bait fishing we give you unlimited quality bait free to use (we use only blast frozen baits or fresh caught mackerel). Or if drift fishing we provide strings of shiny feathers. Our on board navigator chart plotter is top of the range and we will use it to put you in the right spot every time.

‘Legend of New Quay’ is very stable, over 10 metres long, nearly 4 metres wide and fun to fish from whilst under anchor or drifting.

Free fishing equipment provided

Depending on the time of year, we may fish for rays, whiting, spurdogs, lesser spotted dog fish, bull huss and sea bream. Anything can come up though and the surprises are often the fun part of a trip.

We’ve also caught gurnard, pollack, bass, pouting, conger eels, dabs, plaice; in fact you name it and we’ve probably caught it on a deep sea fishing trip!

Trips are normally two hours and all fishing equipment is provided free. Your crew will spend time helping anyone who needs a hand and always show you how to get started.

Oh and watch out for wildlife!

Bottlenose dolphins are commonly seen on these trips and it’s not unusual for a big seal or a shy porpoise to visit us. So why not join the trip to watch the amazing wildlife that is seen here in New Quay Bay? Fact; you have as much chance of seeing dolphins aboard our trips as you do on any other...

Our Prices

This Epic deep sea fishing trip is only £20 per person for a 2 hour trip and £40 per person for a 4 hour trip (including all fishing tackle and bait). These fishing trips are special and we only ever take a maximum of 12 passengers on each trip.

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