Epic sea fishing trips for all

Our Epic Fishing Trips are famous on the west coast of Wales for delivering the best of family friendly fishy fun. We pride ourselves on running modern, clean, professional and fun sea fishing trips for adventurers of all ages, ensuring that everyone aboard Epic Fishing’s stunning new sea fishing trip boat ‘Legend of New Quay’ will always have a fishy fun filled trip to remember.

Our trips are perfect for families and children and we provide free and easy to use fishing equipment. There is plenty of help for beginners and novices. We also understand that you don’t want to go home smelling of fish and bait, so we do all the messy bits for you. You just have to haul the fish in! And the best part is you can take your catch home!

Oh and watch out for wildlife as dolphins are commonly seen on our trips.

Our Trips

  • Mackerel Fun!

    Our all time favourite trip. Everybody loves catching mackerel and why not? Generally easy to catch and scrappy fighters you always know when there’s a mackerel on! Great eating too, our personal favourite and what better way to celebrate a great holiday than a fresh mackerel BBQ! A lifetime’s worth of family memories are made on this trip.

  • Deep Sea Fishing

    What could be better than a quick, quiet and stable cruise out to one of our nearby secret reefs and either dropping a baited hook or a string of feathers down to the sea bed? This fishing trip is for those that love variety and enjoy the surprise of what comes up. And better still, we know that you don't want to go home smelling of fish and bait, so we do all the messy bits for you. All you have to do is wind your catch up.

  • Private & Tailor Made Boat Trips

    There can be so much more to boating out of New Quay than just rod and line fishing trips. Perhaps you fancy a holiday fishing trip with a difference? We are blessed with boating in one of the most environmentally rich seas in the UK - from dolphins to spider crabs and everything in between, there is so much more to see and experience.

  • Sea Fishing Charters

    Here at Epic Fishing we pride ourselves on delivering the best of sea angling. Our fishing charters are designed for groups and are all about the fishing and a fun day out. If you are a family group, a group of friends or a team of work colleagues on an away day, these more serious full day fishing trips are perfect for you.

  • Amazing wildlife

    Our Epic fishing trips take place in one of the UK's richest environments for marine wildlife. We are lucky enough to see some wonderful sights almost on a daily basis. From dolphins to porpoise and seals to rare sea birds, our trips are blessed with some amazing wildlife sightings.

  • Legend of New Quay

    Our wonderful boat ‘Legend of New Quay’ was built in 2018 exclusively for us. She is the ultimate family friendly fishing trip boat. You will find her comfortably equipped, massively spacious and unbelievably stable. With a nearly four metre width, a length of over ten metres and powered by super modern Yamaha twin 150hp outboards she is both quick and quiet. And she is stuffed full of the best fish finding and fishing tackle all ready for you to use!

JSYK - Just so you know

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    Here at Epic Fishing Trips we pride ourselves on having fun. We like to use the 'tag line' - Modern, Clean, Professional and Fun: And we make sure that we are all of these things but there is always emphasis on the Fun. And why not? Going on a fishing trip is all about having fun and it matters not whether you are six or sixty, or whether you catch monsters or minnows we will always do our best to make your time aboard 'Legend of New Quay' a fun time. After all you are paying us your 'hard earned' and you should expect value for it. A quick scroll across our TripAdvisor Reviews, our Facebook Reviews and our Google Reviews will clearly show how much we try and how much our customers enjoy being aboard 'Legend of New Quay'. It is no fluke that we are now the highest rated exclusive fishing trip business in Wales. Come and try an Epic Fishing Trip and we are sure you'll love the experience.

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    One of the many wonderful things about running fishing trips out of New Quay, Cardigan Bay is that you never know what is going to come up. It often seems that everyday is filled with surprises. The look of awe on this lads face as he comes 'nose to nose' with a Scorpion Fish says it all. These aggressive little bottom feeders are to be found in amongst rocks and weed, exactly the kind of habitat that many of the other fish species we hunt frequent. So its always good news when we see one; not only to you get to meet one of the biggest fishy attitudes that swim these waters (we adore these lovely ugly fish) but we know that we are fishing in exactly the right place. That means that any moment a rock cod or a big pollack is going to bite! Quickly drop your bait to the bottom again.....

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